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BoobTube Babble gives us a multi-generational space to discuss themes of feminism, queer representation, and current events in television. 
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The Feminerd Files Roundtable opens up discussions about what impacts us the most in movies and pop culture.
A podcast/video series, presented by The FemiNerd Files, about art, media, and passion that feeds and nourishes grassroot movements, social action and change.
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File 741 is all about comics!
We review feminist and queer-centered comics, as well as interview artists and writers who are making a difference in representation and storytelling.
Unlike Any Known Colors is for all you horror aficionados out there. If you love the weird, the inexplicable, the terrible, and not feeling very nice, this podcast is for you. 
Have an idea for your own podcast or show? Contact us and share your passion with us and our FemiNerd friends!
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