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Founder of the Feminerd Files, host of Watering Grassroots, Production Manager

Being a singer-songwriter and an unyielding Buffy fan since the 90's (with many more fandoms added since), Monica has always found her people through art. As a music and media producer for almost 20 years, she enjoys helping others get their own work out there. Storytelling through art is a passion, as well as preserving stories and songs of those who feel their voices are not heard.


Co-host of File 741

Leigh has loved comics since she was a child, but always longed to see more characters she could identify with. When the Feminerd Files was created by her longtime friend Monica, she was excited for the opportunity to contribute. When she does not have her nose in a comic book, she is an elementary school art teacher by day and an aspiring comic book artist by night. 

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Co-host of File 741, Production Assistant

When Beckah settled in the Denver area in 2013, she was quickly embraced by the local choir nerd scene and found her people in the Feminerds. She was a feminist and nerd before she could even say the words, having grown up with Star Trek and Shakespeare, the Muppets and Monty Python. She loves comics and all things science fiction. She works for the public library system and is continuing to learn how to make her feminism more intersectional.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please reach out through our contact page!